Are you concerned about global warming?

Me too.

Are you concerned that not enough is being done to combat global warming before certain tipping points are reached — tipping points that will negatively and irretrievably impact Earth’s livability for all foreseeable generations?

Me too.

Do you wish you could do your part to protect your children and grandchildren from having to live in a much less sustainable environment than the one you have enjoyed?

Me too.

I am a retired university teacher (Medical Psychology), researcher, and clinician. Since retiring, I have taken up studies of computer science, math, and engineering. I have also authored or co-authored patents in the areas of information technology and alternative energy.

I planned to devote the last part of my life to studying and writing about health issues. It has become very clear to me that the outstanding challenge to health has become a rapid loss in environmental sustainability due to climate change.

My change in life course toward becoming an advocate and activist for a sustainable environment has been supported by numerous people, including family and friends. Colleagues who are presently working with me on this website to help inform others about solutions to global warming include systems engineer Saïd Majdi, engineering student Apratim Singh, and writing coach Jeffrey Davis.

Because you are reading these words, I thank you for your interest in maintaining a sustainable planet. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thomas Manaugh, PhD
Dallas, Texas

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